September 9, Democracy vs Autocracy

November, 2024, the voters will decide:
Will we still have democracy? Has it already died?
One party, the Republicans, has tried to cancel out
A free and fair election, which they lost without a doubt.

The mover and the shaker for such crimes is Donald Trump.
Republicans have gone along, their ethics in a slump.
The GOP may nominate this crook to run again.
He’s even in the polls with Biden, much to our chagrin.

The Donald Trump base voter is against democracy,
Preferring an autocracy mixed with theocracy.
Though Donald Trump’s an autocrat, he is no theocrat.
His only god is money. Why is his base fine with that?

The polls say most conservatives support abortion care.
Their legislators clearly don’t, so there’s some tension there.
It’s primary base voters who think God should make the call.
So, pregnant women must give birth; it’s not their choice at all.

Republican state policies suggest they do not care
For health or welfare of the poor; see how poor mothers fare.
There is no care for babies after Red states force a birth,
Which shows the right wing’s cruelty: what their compassion’s worth.

Republicans now function as the Trump crime family.
Historically, such devolution’s an anomaly.
They gerrymander, fixing votes to hang on to their power.
Diversity, equality are threatening to flower.

Intimidation, vote suppression, are their stock in trade.
The falsehoods of their prophet, above all must be obeyed.
Indictments against Donald now add up to ninety one.
And there might be still more before the Donald’s race is run.

So, back to our decision in November, ’24.
Democracy? Autocracy? The battle lines of war.
Republicans and Donald Trump: threats to our nation’s soul.
Make no mistake about it, they intend complete control.