September 13, Impeachment?

Republicans want to impeach
Joe Biden without evidence:
Stupidity and overreach,
But nonetheless, they shall commence.

They think this move might equalize
Joe’s record with what Trump has done.
They’ll set aside all Donald’s lies
And call 1-6 “just good clean fun.”

Indicted for count after count
Of state and federal felonies,
Trump’s life has been a flowing fount
Of crimes dissolved in lies and sleaze.

Impeaching Biden, just for spite,
Is standard for the MAGAt brain.
But, without evidence to cite,
Their case is circling ‘round the drain.

Trump’s MAGAts still want Joe impeached.
No legal reason? That’s OK.
Their orange whale, harpooned and beached,
Will soon be facing Judgment Day.

In bowing down to Greene and Gaetz,
McCarthy shows the deal he made.
The loser…the United States,
With naked lust for power displayed.

In giving in to Gaetz and Greene,
His Speakership hangs by a thread.
Poor Kevin’s reign can’t be serene
With Matt Gaetz barking in his head.

So, damn the law, full speed ahead;
That is the Donald’s legacy.
His lust for power must be fed;
His main dish: our democracy.