September 16, Donald Keeps Talking

As Donald Trump keeps talking, he is showing us his guilt.
His base stays unaffected, though, they’ll back him to the hilt.
He keeps asserting ownership of documents he stole,
While prosecutors let him dig an ever deeper hole.

On Trump’s “Truth Social” he tweets all of his complaints and threats,
And claims for everything he’s done that he has no regrets.
He says, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you.”
To judges, prosecutors, witnesses, he says “Et tu.” (1)

Now Jack Smith asks Judge Chutkan to tell Trump to cut it out.
His base is quite unbalanced; of that, there can be no doubt.
Trump’s words can incite violence and even lust to kill.
The insurrection that we saw is proof of Donald’s skill.

Trump’s legal team would join with Jack if they were on the ball.
To keep their client quiet, beg the judge to make the call.
Trump is his own worst enemy; he can’t keep his mouth shut.
If he were still a little kid, they’d smack him on the butt.

Trump says that all his words should be protected by our laws.
He’s not responsible for violence his speech may cause.
He thinks the First Amendment says he may say anything.
But speech is not unlimited and Trump is not a king.

So, can judge Chutkan shut Trump up by ordering a gag?
And how would she enforce it? It will do no good to nag.
And if she chooses fines, we know that Donald will appeal.
But, if she moves the trial date up, all Trump can do is squeal.

When Trump’s new interview was played on Sunday’s Meet the Press,
Ms. Kristen Welker cleverly got Donald to confess
That basically, the whole damn scheme to overturn the vote
Was Donald’s baby all along, of which Jack Smith took note.

Trump doesn’t want to have a trial, his strategy: delay.
And we doubt any order will curb what he has to say.
So, Donald Trump will run his mouth, continuing his threats.
We won’t have long to wait to see what mayhem he begets.

(1) “Et tu, Brute?” (And you, Brutus?) are words spoken by Julius Caesar in William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, when he recognized that his “friend,” Marcus Junius Brutus, was one of his assassins. There is no recorded evidence of what Caesar actually said (O cacas! might be more likely) but it is a widely quoted phrase.
I also doubt that Trump would know them, so I am taking “poetic license” by putting Shakespeare’s words in his mouth. And, in Trump’s mouth, these words are a threat, not a question.