July 8, Old or Demented?

Joe Biden’s old and slipping; Donald Trump is sicker, though.
Demented, narcissistic: where’s demand for him to go?
Trump wants to be dictator; Biden’s for democracy.
Imagine if we had to live in Trump’s autocracy!

Consider life with Donald’s sociopathy in charge.
It’s bad enough today with Donald wandering at large.
Republicans don’t like democracy; its taste is sour.
Autocracy is fine with them if it keeps them in power.

Just concentrating on Joe Biden after his debate
Ignores the fact that all Trump did was to prevaricate.
He lied and fabricated and was downright rancorous.
He wouldn’t answer several questions: downright scurrilous.

We’ve all heard Donald Trump’s word salad, nonsense he has spun,
His failure to complete the thought on which he had begun.
The blithering and blathering, as well as all his lies,
Suggest early dementia, which the Donald can’t disguise.

So, isn’t Trump the bigger risk, the worst in history?
Joe Biden’s proven competent; Trump’s all skullduggery.
Because of Donald’s craziness, the Founding Fathers’ graves,
All hum from their rotation as the Donald misbehaves.

As Donald threatens tyranny; Republicans don’t mind.
But, now let’s ask, is Trump the best dictator they could find?
His whole life history proves he thinks only of himself.
So, shouldn’t Donald Trump be put on history’s bookshelf?

A victory for Trump depends on those whom he’s deceived.
He’s a malignant narcissist; defeat left him aggrieved.
He wants to punish Joe, Barack, destroy the rule of law,
Dismantling democracy; that’s Donald’s fatal flaw.