July 4, The Old Man and the Criminal

The Democrats are worried about Joe’s senility,
While Trump’s dementia and convicted criminality
Don’t bother the Republicans; it’s power that they crave.
If they think they can win with Trump, they’ll let him rant and rave.

And, Donald is a criminal; there is no doubting that.
When he is not committing crimes, he’s just a spoiled brat.
He promises to be a despot; MAGAts think that’s fine.
Though he will sink democracy beneath the foaming brine. (1)

What’s wrong with Trump’s Republicans? Have they all lost their soul?
Most of the ones who worked with him have fled the fumarole.
Steve Miller and Steve Bannon are still sticking with their Don,
Confirming fascist tendencies, both Mussolini’s spawn.

If you support the Donald, is your character or mind
Deranged in some specific way, psychiatrists could find?
Are all the ardent Trumpists, let’s call them his MAGAtry,
Peculiarly susceptible to fascist trickery?

Trump’s MAGAts are not hard to fool but they’re hard to inform.
They listen to Trump’s nonsense, and they readily conform.
None understand that they’ve been fooled, (Trump does not care for them.)
He makes their bigotry OK; that’s why they follow him.

Republicans lack principles, the Democrats, a spine. (2)
Right wingers back their criminal; the Democrats just whine.
Democracy, autocracy, the High Court made its choice.
No principles, no vertebrae, there’s no cause to rejoice.

(1) Review the lyrics of “Darlin’ Clementine.” The song is usually attributed to Percy Montrose, 1884. There are many versions.
(2) Alan Lichtman, Presidential Historian.