Just what exactly is Scientific Gospel? Scientific Gospel is a unique musical genre created by Dr. Stephen Baird to impart scientific knowledge, discuss social and political issues, and argue for rational inquiry and thought. Evolution, gravity, water, heat, time, sexually transmitted diseases, false gods, and heroes of science all are worthy and appropriate subjects for Scientific Gospel. Dr. Baird’s aim is to combine Man’s intelligence with the majesty of the universe as he champions science and rational thought infused with humanistic essence. This is the only gospel music that can raise your science grades in school. Scientific Gospel can be considered part of what is now called 'roots music' - it stems from our beginnings and conveys it in a gospel/bluegrass sound. However, the best way to explain it is to hear it.

We have a few modest examples here for you.  Make sure your speakers are on and the volume is up...

Aint Gonna Be No Judgement Day

Charlie Darwin

Breakin' the Rules

Gefilte Fish Mesiah

Water On Mars

How Old Will Grandpa Be

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