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July 8, Old or Demented? - Joe Biden’s old and slipping; Donald Trump is sicker, though.Demented, narcissistic: where’s demand for him to go?Trump wants to be dictator; Biden’s for democracy.Imagine if we had to live in Trump’s autocracy! Consider life with Donald’s sociopathy in charge.It’s bad enough today with Donald wandering at large.Republicans don’t like democracy;… Read More

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  • Holy SH!T May 24, 2023
    Did Cheesus toss one off? Or, maybe it really is just bird poop. The post Holy SH!T appeared first on
  • Wild Pig Reminds Us Jesus Was Jewish January 28, 2018
    People seem to conveniently forget that Jesus was Jewish.  He almost certainly kept Kosher, or whatever the dietary rules were at the time.  And, in the small Polish city of Ruda Slaska, a wild Board decided to voice his dis-pleasure to the bacon eating folks in the town church. "Fortunately, they managed to quickly scare the […]
  • DIY Jesus and Virgin Mary October 6, 2017
    Not seeing Jesus or the Virgin Mary everywhere you look?  No problem.  Start your days off with your own sightings made in your own kitchen.   The post DIY Jesus and Virgin Mary appeared first on
  • Total Eclipse 2017 August 21, 2017
    With all the total bullshit we post and expose on this site, here’s a post about hard physical science. I took my kids to Oregon to witness the total solar eclipse and it was spectacular. It is not really even describable and no picture truly does it justice. But, here’s picture I took anyway. The […]
  • R.I.P. Robin Williams August 24, 2014
    As I sit here unable to sleep, again, I have finally realized that the death of Robin Williams has affected me more than I could have possibly imagined. And, it’s not because of the cause of his death. It’s because I never knew the man, but this event has cemented my definition of immortality. Lauren […]