July 1, Immunity

The Court’s right-wing majority,
Opposed by their minority,
Just sanctified “official” crime,
Thus, blessing Trump’s “pejority.” (1)

“Official” acts can’t be a crime,
Although they stink and drip with slime.
Will plotting crimes with DOJ,
Become the standard paradigm?

Yes, if you use the DOJ
To plot your crime, then that’s OK.
Crime-fraud exception? No, not here; (2)
The rule of law is in decay.

Democracy is threatened here.
If not yet on its funeral bier,
It’s staring fate right in the face
And realizing death is near.

In Donald Trump, we’ll have to face
An autocrat with rabid base.
No hint that he’s benign or wise,
No sympathy, no sense of grace.

Was our Court worse than just unwise
To kiss Trump’s ass before our eyes?
It looks like their majority
Is pro-Trump and without disguise.

So, Donald’s Court’s majority,
Deaf to its wise minority,
Permitting Trump’s “official” crimes,
Grants near unchecked authority.

(1) I admit I made a noun out of the adjective, “pejorative.”
(2) The crime-fraud exception states that the attorney-client privacy relationship may be breached if one is plotting a crime with the attorney.