July 4, Our First Dictator?

Will Trump be our dictator? The Supreme Court says he may.
Their ruling on immunity won’t stand in Donald’s way.
If we’re to have a king, is Trump the best that we can do?
Is Donald Trump well-qualified? It’s time that we review.

First, Donald was a student who did not do well in class.
His stories of athletic prowess are just mostly gas.
We do not know his GPAs; he hides his SAT.
If you seek compliments, don’t ask his college faculty.

A liar and a cheater, seemingly throughout his life.
He lies to everybody; and he cheats on every wife.
He longs to be like Putin or like Erdogan or Xi,
But Trump is not as capable as any of these three.

A serial adulterer with Playmate and porn star,
A man well known to cheat at golf, who shoots way over par.
He’s also known for business fraud, astonishing in scope,
And, just this week, our highest court has blessed this misanthrope.

Indicted for his insurrection, Trump’s delayed his trial,
And for the secret documents, (the judge a Trumpophile?)
But now Trump’s been convicted by a jury of his peers
For payoffs to the porn star; he’s the prince of buccaneers.

And then there’s narcissism: Donald doesn’t give a shit
For Constitution, country, or the crimes he will commit.
To gain and stay in power: that is Donald’s sole desire.
So, he would happily set our democracy on fire.

Dictator? Donald Trump? Is he the best that we can do?
(An ignorant and fraudulent and criminal ragout.)
We threw off George III, (also quite crazy, records say.)
And Trump is even worse, and he’ll break any law to stay.

The Court has blessed Fascism; is democracy now done?
Will our elections this Fall see its final, setting sun?
The Court has made it possible, and Trump is on a roll.
True patriots are petrified to see Trump in this role.