June 28, The Debate

Joe had a cold and he looked old,
While Donald vigorously lied.
Both fit into their critics’ mold.
No one heaped praise on either side.

Joe Biden had an awful night,
Trump awful in a different way.
How can we voters get things right,
With such flaws clearly on display?

Denying he screwed a porn star
Will not give Donald Trump a boost.
And E. Jean Carroll left a scar.
Will chickens now come home to roost?

Joe was in trouble from the start,
His stutter was quite evident.
Fair weather friends tore him apart:
“He’s too old to be President.”

This wasn’t the Joe that we know.
There must be some way to explain
Just what the hell was wrong with Joe, (1)
(Perhaps relieving worldwide pain.)

Meanwhile Trump told lies all night long,
Most everything he said, untrue.
There was no buzzer, was no gong,

America, it’s our gut check,
An old man who had a bad night,
Or else a criminal train wreck,
Our character’s in the spotlight.

(1) When stutterers are pressed for time, it often makes their symptoms worse. And we old folks all know that we sometimes lose a specific word or name for a short time. Trying to cover that up by saying something like, “You know, the president of Egypt,” just makes you more anxious, particularly with a time limit. In friendly surroundings, no one cares. In high-pressure surroundings, it can almost paralyze you. It is not a reflection on your intelligence or judgement.