Justice in Texas

September 18, Republicans in Texas say, “To be a crook’s OK.”
Ken Paxton was acquitted easily the other day.
Republican state senators told justice to relax.
Since Ken’s a hard right-winger, he’s immune to laws and facts.

Impeached for bribery, corruption, and some other crimes,
Some sixteen counts that Paxton beat, a sign of Texas times.
Congratulated by Greg Abbott, Cruz, and Donald Trump,
Ken’s reinstalled in office, his impeachment a speed bump.

So Paxton’s back in office as the Texas State AG,
The law and crime in Texas operate in synergy.
His door is always open to receive bribes from his friends.
It’s back to business as before, no need to make amends.

But there are federal charges: Paxton’s not out of the woods.
He’s already indicted, so the feds must have the goods.
What is the line in Vegas? Is it Donald; is it Ken,
Who’ll be the first convicted? Also, what’s the line on when?

To stay in power in Texas, the Republicans must cheat.
If they let black and brown and young folks vote, then they’ll get beat.
To have a crooked AG helps them with election fraud;
The image that laws matter will be just a cheap façade.

So, here’s to law in Texas that’s enforced Ken Paxton style.
Left wingers there are horrified and ethicists taste bile.
They say, “Don’t mess with Texas.” (Texas is messed up enough.)
Ken Paxton shows us all: for Texas, he’s got “the right stuff.”