September 20, Impeachment Games

The Donald tells Republicans they must impeach Joe Biden.
Although, to find a reason, their inquiry must widen.
McCarthy says he’ll go along; Matt Gaetz tells him, “Get meaner.”
They haven’t found a high crime yet, not even misdemeanor.

But wait, they don’t need evidence; their purpose is just smearing.
So they will have Jim Jordan hold a TV covered hearing.
And they’ll go after Hunter; as it seems they’ve done for ages.
Although the sleaze of Donald’s kids would fill a lot more pages.

The thought of screwing Biden gives the Donald an erection.
The MAGAts think impeaching Joe might win them the election.
Nobody likes their policies but MAGAts and some bigots.
Discussing policies leaves them in lots of sticky wickets.

They’re losing women’s votes by pushing hard to ban abortion.
Control by their misogynists is way out of proportion.
A jury has convicted Trump of being an abuser
But even he can recognize this policy’s a loser.

Republicans know they can’t win on economic issues.
Their foreign and domestic plans use up more toilet tissues.
And all of Donald’s lifetime sleaze and criminal behavior,
Means they must find distractions if Trump is to be their savior.

So, let the games begin; it is now time to try impeaching.
To hell with laws and evidence that analysts are preaching.
They have to smear Joe Biden; if they don’t, they’ll wind up losers.
They have no other options and know beggars can’t be choosers.