September 22, Trump’s Running Again

Trump’s running for office to stay out of jail.
For the sake of our nation, pray he will fail.
He’d rule autocratically; that much is clear,
Then cancel elections to cover his rear.

With Gaetz, Greene, and Kevin, the Congress will stall
And soon, they will pass almost nothing at all.
So Donald can go on an autocrat spree,
Which means, like a monarch, he’d rule by decree.

He’ll join hands with Putin, let him kill Ukraine.
The next to fall, Poland: (familiar refrain.)
Then might Xi sail over and conquer Taiwan?
More countries will pay when democracy’s gone.

And back here at home, will we bring back Jim Crow?
And will we see gun deaths continue to grow?
We’ll build border walls to keep brown people out,
With old male Caucasians regaining their clout.

Would it not be better to put Trump in jail?
For once in his life to let justice prevail?
Trump’s instincts are selfish; his crimes are as well.
Aren’t his just deserts to be locked in a cell?

A big orange jumpsuit would go with his face.
Without his blond hair dye; gray will take its place.
A warning to Trumpists, as their Don does time,
If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.