September 23, McCarthy’s MAGAts

McCarthy suffers MAGAts on the brain,
His speakership collapsing from the strain.
He sold his soul to buy the speakership,
Which he now fears is circling the drain.

He lost his soul to win the speakership
But now he sees his grip on power slip.
What if, next week, the government shuts down,
Because McCarthy’s clearly lost his grip?

In just a week, a government shutdown,
Because McCarthy wears the speaker’s crown?
Desert Ukraine, impeach Joe Biden, too.
Will Donald’s minions burn the whole place down?

Help Putin win, impeach Joe Biden, too;
Republicans just look for folks to screw.
We’re all in thrall to a minority,
With bills for their behavior coming due.

From districts drawn so a minority
Can win, they don’t need a majority.
When votes are gerrymandered or suppressed,
Democracy’s held in captivity.

Some votes are gerrymandered, some suppressed.
It’s no surprise the nation is depressed.
Now MAGAts will not fund the government:
Democracy’s foundations overstressed.

If MAGAts will not fund the government,
And show no interest in good management,
McCarthy’s case of MAGAts on the brain,
Will turn democracy to excrement.