September 25, Republican Policies

Republicans can’t pass a budget, so we may go broke.
Instead, they are campaigning that nobody should be “woke.”
And they’ll impeach Joe Biden, though they cannot say what for,
And keep Black folks from voting: White supremacy, hard core.

In Red States they are searching for more books that they can ban.
Now Florida is best (or worst), DeSantis is the man.
It’s inappropriate to read of LGBTQ,
Or 1619: how we treated those of darker hue.

Their economic plan is simple: give the rich a break.
For folks so poor they have no bread, they’ll say, “Let them eat cake.” (1)
For health care: stop abortion, overturn Obamacare,
Then Medicare and Medicaid, a socialistic pair.

Religious freedom absolute, if Christian and if White.
But Jews and Muslims need to learn to sing, “I Saw the Light.” (2)
Should science and religion clash, let’s say on a vaccine,
Believers may elect to die, as with Covid 19.

They’ll all support their savior, Trump, although he may be jailed.
They’ll worship him upon the cross to which he’s being nailed.
They all believe the lies he tells or they don’t seem to mind.
Wherever Donald Trump may lead, they’ll all remain aligned.

But now, back to the budget, which Republicans can’t pass,
McCarthy, as the Speaker, seems to have run out of gas.
He’s let his nuts like Jordan, Gaetz, and Greene go on a roll,
Stupidity, insanity, are now in firm control.

(1) “Let them eat cake.” A statement attributed to Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI, when informed that her starving people had no bread. It is doubtful that she ever said that but the story persists.
(2) “I Saw the Light” was a country-gospel song written in 1947 by Hank Williams. It reflects the feelings of a backsliding Christian, attempting to get back on track. Hank ended almost all of his shows with that song. Apparently Hank did not follow his own advice, dying six years later, full of alcohol and drugs, at age 29. Jews and Muslims may find the lyrics equally unpersuasive.