September 27, Preposterosity

A national preposterosity,
Our country’s venomous atrocity,
When Donald Trump whines of his victimhood,
With fratricidal animosity.

Trump tweets out animus and victimhood,
And shows us that his sense of brotherhood,
Requires from all undying loyalty;
And woe to those who have misunderstood.

If you’re with Trump, you must show loyalty,
And fight for him as if he’s royalty.
But be aware, the loyalty’s one way;
He won’t help you if you’re a casualty.

Trump’s sense of loyalty goes just one way;
He sheds no tears for MAGAts jailed today.
But MAGAts still approve of Donald’s fraud,
Although more legal woes are underway.

Republicans in Congress backing fraud,
(Which may be genuine or a façade)
In either case, join Trump’s mendacity;
And show how deeply MAGAt minds are flawed.

When followers don’t mind mendacity,
Applauding Trump’s obstreperocity,
That makes them all complicit in the scam,
All part of Trump’s preposterosity.