September 30, Trump’s Instability

Since Donald Trump is mentally unstable,
And most of what he says is just a fable,
Democracy, if he is re-elected,
Will yield to his kakistocratic stable.

Democracy, if Trump is re-elected
Will be replaced by MAGAts he’s injected,
Who then spread all throughout our circulation,
And septicemia can’t be resected.

As MAGAtry spreads through our circulation,
Republican’s continued adulation,
Of Donald Trump’s cerebral apparatus
Is threatening democracy’s ablation.

The Donald Trump cerebral apparatus
Has shown the defects in his mental status.
The simplest explanation is: he’s crazy
His narcissism of the highest stratus.

If Donald Trump, their candidate, is crazy,
Does this mean that most Trumpist thinking’s hazy?
A crook, a narcissist, clearly unstable,
Should give them pause, unless their mind is lazy.

Trump claims he is a genius, very stable; (1)
His presidency proved he was unable.
To Trump, we are just sheep whose wool needs shearing,
Then later, served as lamb chops at his table.

(1) See “A Very Stable Genius,” by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker. The book’s title is based on tweets by Donald Trump describing how smart he thinks he is. Leonnig and Rucker beg to differ.