October 1, No Shutdown, Yet

Though there will be no shutdown, we still have no budget, yet.
McCarthy cannot govern; obligations were not met.
He broke his word to Biden and he broke his word to Gaetz.
When Kevin’s days have ended, he won’t see the Pearly Gates.

To gain the speakership, McCarthy sold his brains and spine.
Ms. Margie holds his testicles, so she keeps him in line.
Beholden to the Trumpist base, he cannot make a move.
Republicans or Democrats: someone will disapprove.

Now Matt Gaetz wants to punish him because he broke his word.
Matt has a problem though: the reputation of a turd.
He’s not too smart but he is mean and likes his gals too young,
His diagnosis would befuddle Sigmund Freud and Jung.

Nobody likes McCarthy and they really don’t like Gaetz:
Catastrophe with either one influencing our fates.
Six weeks from now the band will play the shutdown dance again.
Cacophony from Trumpists will produce a noxious din.

When Donald goes on trial we’ll hear lots of sour notes,
Which should persuade the sentient for whom to cast their votes.
Republicans have demonstrated their ineptitude,
And tolerance for Donald Trump’s gross moral turpitude.

So, if we lose McCarthy, what Republican will rise?
Can he/she win the speakership without the Trumpist lies?
It takes two hundred eighteen votes to win the job, but then,
All problems will remain the same in Donald’s lions’ den.

So, there’s no shutdown yet but please stay tuned for six weeks more.
Republicans are girding for an internecine war.
Democracy: autocracy (and kissing Donald’s ass,)
So far, the party’s leadership is trapped in Trump’s crevasse.