October 2, Swift and Kelce

Travis: swift and strong and rich;
Taylor: pretty, blond, and richer,
Kelce’s trying out his pitch,
Although he is not a pitcher.

Miss Swift’s love affairs are short;
Will this one be longer? Shorter?
Lots of men have tried to court;
Now we’re watching one more court her.

Both considered quite a catch:
Kelce is a football catcher.
If they break up, will she kvetch?
Taylor is known as a kvetcher.

Much as we love Taylor Swift,
Travis Kelce’s even swifter.
Taylor’s songs give girls a lift;
Travis is a good weight lifter.

If their love comes to an end,
Which of these will be the ender?
Of the love notes they may send,
Who’ll first mark, “Return to sender?”

Will we read of them in bed?
What must Travis do to bed her?
Will we read that they will wed?
What must Travis do to wed her?

If they get into a fight,
(We know Kelce is a fighter,)
Will there be new songs to write?
We know Taylor is a writer.

And, if wedding bells don’t ring,
Because Kelce’s just a ringer,
Will Swift write more songs to sing?
We know Taylor is a singer.