October 3, The Mailed Fist of the Law

The mailed fist of the law is squeezing Donald Trump,
His business license cancelled, properties to dump.
Trump’s holdings in New York put in receivership,
Which he may have to sell, to save his sinking ship.

The Donald is a fraudster; that has just been ruled.
So he must realize, the law has not been fooled.
Will Trump claim bankruptcy? What is his bottom line?
And, what is Trump’s net worth? Enough to pay his fine?

A landslide may have started boulders rolling down,
To sweep the Donald out of most of New York town.
Letisha James should win it, then the Donald’s fate
Would mean he’s out of business in all of New York State.

Because Trump’s ruled a fraudster, how much must he pay?
That is to be determined by the trial today.
Though Trump has no defenses; bluster for his base
May work in Donald’s favor in his current race.

Now there’s a gag order, so Trump must cease attacks
On all the judge’s court staff, no more threats and cracks.
If Donald cannot bully, he has no defense,
His net worth may collapse to no more than two cents.

The Donald’s troubles come from hubris and his greed.
Though pride has caused his fall; we know he won’t concede.
So he whines to his base about unjust assault,
But we know Donald’s tsuris is his own damn fault.