October 4, MAGAt Putinistas

The Putinistas of Trump’s MAGAtry
Are rooting for a Russian victory.
They will not vote for funds to aid Ukraine.
Democracy should fade from history.

They’ll happily watch Putin eat Ukraine
Then defecate and flush it down the drain.
Democracy, equality for all?
They’d rather sing autocracy’s refrain.

Trump’s MAGAts fear equality for all.
Because the powers of white Christians fall.
When women and non-whites all have their say,
They may oppose the Trumpist clarion call.

When everybody has an equal say,
Not just white men, as in a former day
Then women, folks of color may unite,
And privileges of white skin fade away.

When females, folks of color, all unite,
Then who’ll think of the poor, white bigots’ plight?
Their grip on power lessens from the strain,
As citizens begin to see the light.

Autocracy may crack due to the strain;
Democracy, like an oncoming train,
Will mean that books and new ideas spread.
So, damn it, no more funding for Ukraine.