October 6, McCarthy Is Through

McCarthy is through, his Speakership gone.
Matt Gaetz was pissed off and so was the Don.
Matt said Kevin lied (and Trump lies, we know.)
Though Trump’s lies are fine, McCarthy must go.

McCarthyless House, a captainless ship,
Republicans fear they’re losing their grip.
Now they must decide who ought to succeed.
Of loyal Trumpists, can anyone lead?

Republican plans, not to legislate,
But to seize Congress and then immolate.
And impeach Biden, which takes lots of gall;
Their evidence is…well, nothing at all.

Before they can act, they have to unite.
But can they do that? They’d all rather fight.
To replace Kevin, just two names so far:
They’re Jordan, Scalise, (they’ve set a low bar.)

Both faithful to Trump, his influence strong,
Which should guarantee they’ll sing Donald’s song.
Which further implies that unity’s out.
And, we know Jordan’s an obnoxious lout.

Scalise: hard right wing and he’s also ill.
So either of these: a poisonous pill.
Can anyone drain this MAGAty swamp
As Donald’s ‘gators continue to chomp?

From Mussolini, “Fascismo” arose.
That’s the direction Trump loyalty goes.
Facism threatens our democracy.
Trump will establish an autocracy.

State deconstructed; that’s Steve Bannon’s goal.
MAGAts are helping; Steve’s taking his toll.
Bannon likes Lenin; Trump likes Vladimir,
Toast, “Na Zdorovie!” and hear Putin cheer.