October 7, Trump’s Trials

The first trial’s started since Donald was booked.
This first one’s about all the books he has cooked.
While Donald’s on trial for his life of fraud,
He’s flipping and flopping, a fish that’s been hooked.

The Donald’s on trial for his life of fraud;
His financial statements are grievously flawed,
Inflating his assets or deflating them,
Depending on whom he intends to defraud.

Inflating his assets or deflating them;
His financial statements are all flam and flim.
But now he’s on trial for fraud in New York,
The judge ruled him “guilty,” will Trump sink or swim?

Trump’s in his first trial: for fraud in New York.
Bereft of defenses, he’s blowing his cork.
Increasingly crazy, he rants at the press,
Cementing opinions that Donald’s a dork.

Does Trump help himself with his rants to the press?
With MAGAt base voters, the answer is, “Yes.”
The problem is: Donald distorts all the facts.
And distortions grow when Trump’s under duress.

Trump’s problem with trials is courts stick to facts,
A characteristic that Donald Trump lacks.
So, it’s clear to most, Donald Trump is a crook.
The press is now watching how his base reacts.

How do lawyers work when their client’s a crook,
To keep the court system from throwing the book?
File multiple motions all seeking delay,
Their problem: the evidence has set the hook.

All Donald can do is delay and delay,
And try for dismissals; the courts have said, “Nay.”
If Trump gets convicted, what will his base do,
Still vote for their felon on Election Day?