October 8, Loose Lips

Now, once again Donald has flapped his loose lips.
He blabbed information that might sink our ships:
Our nuclear submarines, their armament,
And stealthiness shielding: the full complement.

Nuclear secrets blabbed to a billionaire,
Down at Mar a Lago, out in open air.
The billionaire spread them to four dozen more.
How many did they tell? No one can keep score.

Is this sedition? Or perhaps sabotage?
Our nuclear secrets blabbed: espionage?
The billionaire businessman was interviewed
And freely admitted Trump’s loose lips barrage.

No bribes were involved; Trump just blurted them out.
Did he hope to show that he still wielded clout?
The secrets, not monetized, given for free,
His inflated ego fueled Trump’s treachery.

Since everyone knows that Trump plays fast and loose,
Can the “secrets” revealed be put to some use?
Or, are they so full of “alternative facts,”
The Russians can’t use them for planning attacks?

Whatever their usefulness, Trump has revealed
That he can’t be trusted, mouth like a minefield.
He’s so narcissistic he has to make news,
If Donald should win again, our fate is sealed.