September 7, The Shit Hits the Fan

The fan blades are flailing the feces
Of Donald Trump’s crime-laden fall.
His crimes are of similar species,
With fraud as the basis for all.

Some ninety one separate no-noes
Comprise Trump’s indictment array.
We’re all watching him as his nose grows,
From posts on Truth Social each day.

But still, there are folks who believe him;
Or simply don’t mind that he lies.
They don’t care that Donald deceives them,
Attracted to bullshit like flies.

Our nation could use Martin Luther,
To stand against Donald Trump’s cult.
Might they see the light from a “truther?”
Facts haven’t produced that result.

So, now comes the time for Trump’s trials.
Will Donald be held to account?
If juries don’t fall for Trump’s wiles,
Will Donald demand a recount?

As fan blades fragment Trump’s bull feces,
How many are stained with the spray?
For some who adopted Trump’s theses,
May join him in jail to decay.