September 3, Follow the Money

Just read the newspapers; you can’t help but see
A truth understood by a huge industry:
There is global warming and it will persist
And it’s not a hoax as right wingers insist.

Insurance providers are leaving some states,
Which tells us they know that bankruptcy awaits,
All those who insure homes for weather events.
They listen to science, because it makes sense.

So, they’re bailing from states that have forest fires,
Their profits burned up on these funeral pyres.
For, where global warming and excessive heat
Have dried out the trees, for a spark, that’s a treat!

And they’re bailing from states hit by hurricanes.
They know more are coming; warm water explains
The power that makes more strong hurricanes grow,
To cause floods and mayhem wherever they blow.

So, when the big money bets with scientists,
You’d best heed their message; a wise man desists
From singing a liturgy known to be wrong,
Though it’s his religion’s most favorite song.

Our right-wingers can’t see the facts on the ground
Since their ideology is so hide bound,
That any idea left-wingers accept,
Means right-wingers have to reject the concept.

For Trump’s MAGAts, of course, the problem is worse;
Whatever’s the truth, they accept the reverse.
Because they have shown they believe Donald’s lies,
Ignoring clear facts right in front of their eyes.

We make the Earth hot when we burn fossil fuel.
We need wind and solar to help us stay cool.
Our science has shown facts we must not ignore.
Earth’s habitability lies at death’s door.