September 2, The Destruction of Donald (1)

We saw Donald come down like a wolf on the fold
And he let us all know that his toilets are gold.
He has spread lies among us like waves on the sea
And I mean all the oceans, not just Galilee.

We all know that the Donald just worships long green;
As a narcissist, also loves making a scene.
All the hundreds of millions he’s raised and has blown,
Were the assets of MAGAts, he’s looted and strown.

The Republicans quail at the strength of Trump’s blast,
And the nation can’t wait until Trump’s time has passed.
As the GOP hibernates through Donald’s chill,
The last of their ethics has turned cold and still.

We know Trump’s reputation has spread far and wide;
He makes every decision based on cash and pride.
His whole life’s been a golf course with manicured turf.
When he goes to the beach, he commands tides and surf. (2)

But now three prosecutors, two brown and one pale,
With their four big indictments, poked holes in Trump’s mail.
And Tish James in New York won’t leave Donald alone,
As Trump sulks at Bedminster, unlaid and unblown.

Although Marjorie Greene has been loud in her wail,
With her god crucified, paying fines, raising bail,
When the arms of Smith, Willis, and Bragg swing their sword,
They’ll slice through Trump’s armor and neuter Greene’s lord.

(1) See “The Destruction of Sennacherib” by Lord Byron, (1815) and the Biblical stories of Sennacherib’s attacks on Judah in 2 Kings, 18-19 and Isaiah, 36-37. Some infectious disease (sent by God?) swept through Sennacherib’s army and he had to abandon his siege of Jerusalem.
(2) Recall King Canute, (Cnut, King of England from 1016-1035) who got wet when he commanded the rising tide to cease. He used this event to prove to his courtiers and flatterers that the power of God was greater than secular power. Donald Trump may not realize this.