September 24, Alex and Donald

September 24, Alex and Donald  (1)


Both Alex Jones and Donald Trump

Grew fat as they assailed the seasons.

By fooling suckers, both grew plump,

Big bucks their reasons.


They both revere acquiring gold,

Expensive clothes and all that’s fancy.

‘Gainst laws and truth, they’ve been quite bold;

And most say chancy.


The things they claimed were mostly not;

Their gains, the fruit of shady labors.

Now we have learned both lied a lot;

Just ask their neighbors.


Both men of dubious renown

Are now exuding fecal fragrance.

And now they both face a showdown,

That they can’t finance.


Trump emulates the Medici,

Not knowing who he’s emulating.

For Donald sins incessantly,

Assets inflating.


Both lie about established facts,

Treat the conventional with loathing.

And they have not concealed their tracks:

Wolves in wolves’ clothing.


Though both acquired the gold they sought,

Soon, both may find themselves without it.

Their frauds exposed, both have been caught,

No doubt about it.


Now justice looms, though it looms late

And we’ve heard Alex Jones is drinking.

To deal with all these twists of fate,

Trump keeps on thinking.


  • Apologies to Edwin A. Robinson for desecrating “Miniver Cheevy.”