September 25, All Shook Up

September 25, All Shook Up


Letitia James has Donald shook;  (1)

Her civil suit has thrown the book

At Donald’s life of business fraud:

All income sources on the hook.


In looking at Trump’s business fraud,

Letitia has not spared the rod.

She took all Trump’s activities,

And flayed them to the bone, then gnawed.


Nefarious activities,

And criminal proclivities,

The AG has an airtight case,

All based on Trump’s depravities.


Letitia has an airtight case,

Believed by all but Donald’s base.

“Poor” Donald Trump could wind up broke,

An outcome that he now must face.


Yes, Donald Trump could wind up broke.

As Biden says, “That’s not a joke.”

For Donald, that would be hell fire.

Letitia tells her minions, “Stoke!”


The James lawsuit brings Satan’s fire,

For Trump, the implications, dire.

A life of penury and pain,

Could James make Trump cease to respire?


  • Letitia James is the Attorney General of New York State. She has filed a $250 million civil suit against Donald Trump and his three oldest children which will effectively put the Trump Organization totally out of business.