September 23, Trump Is Thinking

September 23, Trump Is Thinking


When Donald Trump starts thinking, then he waves a magic wand.

The strangest things may happen; even judges may be conned.

Some papers get declassified, the power of Trump’s mind

But only Trump reads his own thoughts, no record’s left behind.


The power of the Donald’s brain is wondrous to behold,

Like alchemists in ancient times could turn lead into gold.

Could Donald change the Constitution’s words to suit his needs,

And immunize him from the courts, to “kosherize” his deeds?


Like Merlin and King Arthur but these two rolled into one,

Like Louis the Fourteenth of France, the king known as, “The Sun.” (1)

The Donald shows us all he thinks he stands above the law.

He sits on golden toilets; he is not of the bourgeois.


The mind of Trump, a scary thing, could Donald be insane?

What’s going on in all the neural circuits in his brain?

If Trump’s thoughts make things disappear, should Donald go on stage,

Performing baffling mental tricks, as in a bygone age?


Could Trump fool Penn and Teller, if he went and did his schtick?  (2)

They’ve seen a lot of mentalists and they know every trick.

Or, does Trump’s “sleight of mind” require a good psychiatrist?

Perhaps, where Trump’s head is, requires a colonoscopist.


A diagnostic problem: Donald’s thoughts should cause alarm.

Would we be safe with him in jail, perhaps a “funny farm?”

No secret’s safe when Donald thinks; should he be put away?

But if Trump’s thoughts act at a distance, nothing’s safe.  Oy weh!


  • Louis XIV of France, the longest reigning monarch ever, 1643-1715,

(He took the throne at age 4) was known as the Sun King.  He is famous, among other things for saying, “L’etat, c’est moi.”  “The state is me.”

  • Penn and Teller, two famous magicians and skeptics of all “magical” claims, have a TV show, called, “Fool Us.” All kinds of magicians perform and Penn and Teller tell them whether or not they have been fooled.  If they have been, they award the magician an “F U” (fooled us) trophy.