September 20, Letitia James

September 20, Letitia James


The best of all examples of when feces hit the fan:

Letitia James, AG New York, sues for a total ban

Of all Trump New York businesses because of massive fraud.

A quarter billion dollar fine, a shocking cattle prod.


The Donald’s fundamental fraudulence, known far and wide,

A quality of Donald, ever fewer can abide,

Has been long under scrutiny but now Letitia James

Is filing suit and Trump’s response is just to call her names.


Inflating values of his properties to get bank loans,

Deflating values of the same, for tax fraud, Trump has stones.

Letitia showed the documents; now everybody knows

And, for good measure, swung her fist and punched him in the nose.


Her civil suit against the Trumps bites like Great White shark teeth.

When she is through with Donald, he’ll have nothing to bequeath.

Don Junior, Eric, and Ivanka have been sued as well.

Two hundred fifty million ought to quell the Trump cartel.


Though Trump claims he’s a billionaire, he doesn’t have the dough.

A quarter billion bucks will break him; he and we all know.

Trump made his fortune lying, cheating, and not paying bills

But now Letitia James will make him swallow bitter pills.


Letitia James, AG New York, is more than Donald’s match.

He’ll soon be under water, better batten down the hatch.

She’s hit Trump where it hurts the most, right in the pocketbook.

A quarter of a billion: Trump can’t wriggle off this hook.


It’s hubris that brought Donald down; such pride may bust him flat.

He won’t be able to afford the food that keeps him fat.

To raise the cash to pay his fine (and possibly his bail,)

We know how Trump will handle this: fund-raising by email.  (1)


  • Probably all of us have received fund-raising emails from the ex-president. Now, even these are being investigated as a scam.