September 2, Empty Folders, Classified

September 2, Empty Folders, Classified


Some empty folders, “classified,” found by the FBI,

When they searched Mar a Lago’s rooms, where Donald let them lie.

Did Donald lose or hide or sell their contents?  We don’t know.

How badly were we compromised by Donald Trump’s “no, no?”


There were not just a few of them; one count was forty eight,

With lots of other documents in a disordered state.

Did Donald put those documents up for a “clearance sale?”

And, if he gets arrested, will the proceeds cover bail?


Trump’s lawyers call this mess just “overdue library books.”

The DOJ says otherwise; that’s just not how it looks.

The Donald has said many times, it’s all his property.

The DOJ says otherwise; hence their hostility.


We know the Donald worships wealth; that’s Donald’s Holy Grail.

Trump’s latest way to monetize: “Top Secret Papers” sale.

With Trump, that’s not unthinkable; to help his bottom line,

“Top Secret” papers could be Donald’s private diamond mine.


But, if Trump didn’t sell them, were they stolen by someone?

Some foreign agent on his staff?  The “mole search” has begun.

Or, did Trump flush them down the john and, if he did that, why?

Perhaps, let’s hire a plumber while we’re looking for a spy.


Since Donald won’t keep quiet, he’s admitted that he took

The documents in question; Garland’s got him on the hook.

A slob, a crook, a spy, the toilets: possibilities,

The wheels of justice grinding may prove one or all of these.


Such moves were not unthinkable; Trump is a narcissist.

So he thinks only of himself, the sickest solipsist.

What’s best for our whole country is of no concern to him.

His only thoughts are how to fill his coffers to the brim.