September 3, Biden’s Speech

September 3, Biden’s Speech


Joe Biden gave a speech; the MAGAts are enraged.

The battle for our souls: now Biden is engaged.

It’s our democracy that’s clearly under siege;

By Trump’s autocracy; the MAGAt’s lord and liege.


Not all Republicans, no, just the MAGAt group,

The folks with weaker minds that Donald Trump can dupe,

Are those that Joe condemned because they are a threat

To rot our nation’s soul, their craziness deepset.


The MAGAt craziness means facts aren’t recognized.

They don’t care for the truth, to which they’re immunized.

All reasoning futile; it’s foreign to their breed.

They’ll gladly follow Trump, wherever he may lead.


Republicans complain about what Biden said,

Which they misrepresent; that’s how they’re bred and led.

Joe singled MAGAts out as those he would condemn.

Right wing spokespersons whined that Joe meant all of them.


Were all votes cast for Trump from MAGAts, through and through?

McConnell hates the man; McCarthy hates him too.

They just want power back, (to tamp down civil rights.)

So they supported Trump and Dummkopfs he excites.


The MAGAts make up just a large minority

Of all Republicans, not a majority.

But right-wing candidates need all their votes to win.

Which partially explains the mess that we are in.


The vote the NAZIs got, in March of ‘thirty three,

Was forty four per cent; the rest is history.

Though a minority, that vote let Hitler rise

To set the world on fire.  Here, Trump’s vote is that size.


Donald is no Hitler, though both were narcissists.

Hitler had a program, while Donald Trump’s consists

Of self-aggrandizement: prime subject of the news,

Cash to swell his coffers, and no legal reviews.