September 5, Special Master

September 5, Special Master


The Donald received the delay he was seeking,

Preventing the DOJ from further peeking

At classified papers they just confiscated,

To find all the secrets Trump might have been leaking.


The classified papers that they confiscated

The papers, about which, Trump prevaricated,

Should never have been in the Donald’s possession,

The basis on which their search was predicated.


Those papers should not be in Donald’s possession.

“The stuff is mine, all mine,” is Donald’s obsession.

Since federal law clearly says, “That’s forbidden,”

Insisting, “They’re all mine,” was Donald’s confession.


Though federal law clearly says, “That’s forbidden,”

A “no, no,” that Donald Trump wants overridden,

His strategy now will revert to delaying

Indictment for his crimes, a horse often ridden.


We know Donald’s strategy will be delaying

And we can all see Merrick Garland’s nerves fraying

At the appointment of this new Special Master,

A classic delaying game, Trump’s good at playing.


By the appointment of this Special Master,

Justice for Trump will move slower, not faster.

And, as we said, will delay Trump’s indictment.

If Garland gets pissed, he just might get “steadfaster.”


So Donald succeeded delaying indictment,

Which also delays our left-wingers’ excitement.

It also gives Trump time to hang himself, speaking,

Committing more crimes by more MAGA incitement.


Trump will not shut up; will he hang himself, speaking?

The weight of facts will start Trump’s foundation creaking.

Perhaps a few MAGAts will see Trump is lying,

Their emperor, unclothed, and publically streaking.  (1)


  • See, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” by Hans Christian Anderson and the 1960’s definition of “streaking.”