September 1, A Centipede Dropping Shoes

September 1, A Centipede Dropping Shoes


Imagine a centipede dropping a shoe

Then, waiting for ninety nine others to drop.

That’s happened to Donald, each day something new.

The next knock on his door just might be a cop.


Since Donald Trump took classified documents

And kept some, guess where?  In a drawer in his desk,

It makes us all wonder if Donald is dense.

He made his high office: a grotesque burlesque.


He kept stolen papers next to his passports.

Why?  Where was he going?  Why take them with him?

Of all the excuses Trump gives to the courts,

It won’t help if he sings a QAnon hymn.


Will Donald’s goose cook in such high temperature?

Three chefs poke their forks: Garland, Willis, and James.

We’re nearing the end of this show’s overture,

Will Trump’s final act be like Faust’s in hell’s flames?