August 30, Fundraising Scam

August 30, Fundraising Scam


Was Donald’s Big Lie just a fundraising scam?

Did Trump tell his donors, “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am?”

He’s raking in money because he got beat,

By sending out emails and common flimflam.


Trump’s raking in millions although he got beat,

And more, since the DOJ turned up the heat.

Since Trump stole some documents, they might indict.

But donors stayed loyal, more money, how sweet!


For what Donald stole, might Garland indict?

If so, Donald’s in for a helluva fight.

He has no defense, so he has to delay,

Perhaps threaten riots to show his mob’s might.


The facts are all clear, so Trump has to delay;

That’s all he can do to keep Garland away.

And send out more emails, keep cash rolling in.

But, sooner or later, he’ll face judgment day.


Trump keeps sending emails, keeps cash rolling in

By calling search warrants, “Illegal, a sin.”

He’s pulling in up to a million a day.

To add to his stash, while in a tailspin.


Trump grosses a million bucks on a good day.

But that may not keep Merrick Garland away.

Will riots by Trumpists make Garland think twice?

Does rule of law matter?  If so, Trump must pay.


Delay tactics, riots, will Garland think twice?

Will he go ahead and put Donald on ice?

Trump’s business philosophy is fraud and scam.

Will this be the year Donald pays for his vice?