August 29, Special Master?  

August 29, Special Master?


A “special master,” to grade what Trump stole?

Will Donald succeed to get this delay,

Delay, obfuscate: that’s Trump’s basic goal,

He has no defense; delay is his play.


Executive privilege in documents?

Lawyers call that an irrelevant claim.

Why does the Donald make such arguments?

To him, what’s legal is only a game.


The Donald is known for not paying bills.

So, the best lawyers won’t represent him.

As his former counsels head for the hills,

Avoiding indictment chances grow slim.


And Donald’s “Truth Social” wallows in debt,

For not paying bills, in standard Trump style.

Is Donald Trump caught, snared in his own net,

Now gasping for air and burping up bile?


What were Trump’s plans for the papers he took?

Frame them, display them on residence walls?

Or, for a fee, let our enemies look?

In either case though, the prospect appalls.


Was harm done to our intelligence field?

Identities of our spies now exposed?

Could sources and methods have been revealed?

If so, what punishment should be proposed?


Donald took papers the Archives should hold.

He is the first to commit this outrage;

The facts are quite clear; will Garland be bold?

Will Donald be doing time in a cage?


“If Trump is indicted, blood may be shed,”

Trump and his sycophants warn us of that.

“Let Trump commit crimes or death lies ahead,”

Threats from the followers Donald begat.


Donald thinks rules and laws do not apply.

That’s why he cheats, steals, and tells the Big Lie.