August 27, “Don’t We Have Enough Trees?” 

August 27, “Don’t We Have Enough Trees?”  (1)


We burn fossil fuels and emit CO2.

We’ve caused global warming, no doubt that is true.

The solution is clear; more green energy.

We must stop emitting and “fix” carbon, too.  (2)


The solution is clear; it’s green energy,

No need to develop new technology.

Wind farms, solar panels, (some gas on dark nights,)

Will power our future through green strategy.


Wind farms, solar panels, (some gas on dark nights,)

Plus hydroelectric will power our lights.

Reducing all vehicles running on gas—-

Technology’s here; it’s political fights.


Reducing all vehicles running on gas,

And eating less meat, less methane cows pass, (3)

We know how to do this; oil money says, “Whoa!”

(Big money can buy the political class.)


We have all the know-how; oil money says, “Whoa!”

So, where else can all of their CO2 go?

One way to “fix” carbon is planting more trees.

All plants serve to fix CO2 when they grow.


One place fixing carbon is forests of trees.

In Georgia, the pines lend their scent to the breeze.

More plants mean more CO2 pulled from the air,

No, Mister Walker, we don’t have enough trees.


  • August 23, 2022, Herschel Walker, R, Candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia. He was complaining about the new environmental protection legislation recently passed and signed by President Biden. Not a single Republican Congressman or Senator voted for the bill.
  • “Fixing” carbon is trapping CO2, so that it doesn’t go into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.
  • Methane from cow farts is a powerful greenhouse gas. Eating less meat means fewer cows farting.