August 26, Semi-Fascist MAGAts 

August 26, Semi-Fascist MAGAts  (1)


The semi-fascist MAGAt crowd is Trump’s most loyal mob,

Both voters and small donors, they’re the easiest to rob.

Emails to them net Donald Trump a million bucks a day

And Trump keeps most of it himself, (to fight the DOJ.)


Trump learned from the evangelists: the skill to milk their flocks.

They have an eye for dollar bills, far better than a hawk’s.

They promise us salvation if we help to make them rich.

Both Trump and the evangelists throw the same type of pitch.


Evangelists that form a church can milk their flocks tax free.

Will Donald form a MAGA church on the same theory?

A prophet then for profit: will Trump join evangelists?

It’s likely they would welcome him; they’re also narcissists.


With feces in the fan blades now, Trump risks a prison cell.

From Mar a Lago to New York, he spreads the fecal smell.

The Donald leaves a trail behind of big, fan-fractured turds.

One wonders—will that slow the flow of cash from MAGAt herds?


Trump’s semi-fascist MAGAts may now start to slip and slide,

With all the feces underfoot and more to come implied.

They mark themselves as sheep by wearing a red MAGA hat.

In spite of what he feeds them, they still admire their plutocrat.


Trump’s semi-fascist MAGA crowd for now, keeps sending cash.

Will they all stay believers if hellfire burns Trump to ash?

Whence comes belief?  Is it in true believer DNA?

If so, then facts don’t matter; they’ll follow Trump anyway.


  • President Biden recently referred to Trump’s MAGA crowd as “semi-fascist.”