August 25, Trump’s Legal Woes

August 25, Trump’s Legal Woes


Primary elections produced no red wave

And papers recovered from Donald Trump’s cave

Show he had some documents that he should not.

Supporters dissemble; their master’s been caught.


Now, might Merrick Garland commit regicide,  (1)

D.A Fani Willis have Trump crucified,  (2)

Letitia James bankrupt him, up in New York?  (3)

Is Donald Trump’s ass feeling Satan’s pitchfork?  (4)


Trump walked off with documents, some classified;

Three federal statutes thereby were defied,

With espionage as the worst of the three.

Does Trump hold a card to get out of jail free?


And next, we have Georgia and Donald’s phone call

To “find” enough votes so that he’d win it all.

To “fix” an election’s a federal crime,

Another good reason for Trump to do time.


Letitia James filed a suit up in New York,

Where fraud in Trump’s business made her blow her cork,

Both bank fraud and tax fraud: the penalties huge,

Especially if Weisselberg talks as her stooge.


As Garland and Willis and James throw their books,

Could they end Trump’s reign as the king of the crooks

As justice rains down, Donald starts to perspire.

Does he feel the pitchfork and Satan’s hellfire?


  • Merrick Garland, Attorney General of the United States
  • Fani Willis, District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia
  • Letitia James, Attorney General of New York
  • I presume that Satan and his organization do not need clarification