October 30, The Return of the Tweeter

October 30, The Return of the Tweeter (1)


If Donald tweets again and having twit,

Word salad from disintegrating wit,

With narcissism dressing every line,

There’d be no logic in a word of it.


Trump’s narcissism flows through every line,

Misinformation, clearly by design.

No loaf of bread, no jug of wine, nor thou

Can make the facts and Donald’s words align.


A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou

And shade beneath an overhanging bough,

My solace in mendacious wilderness,

The Trumpist world that we’re enduring now.


We live in a mendacious wilderness,

Where we watch Donald’s Big Lie incandesce,

Accelerated, if he’s free to tweet.

Can our republic ever convalesce?


If the Chief Twit leaves Donald free to tweet,

No standards for the truth or facts to meet,

Whatever Trump has tweeted, once it’s twit,

Is used by Donald’s base as fresh, red meat.


Whenever Trump has tweeted, once he’s twit,

Belief confines itself to the half-wit.

So only Donald’s base accepts his line,

Beware the lies in every word of it.


  • With apologies to Omar Khayyam, as translated by Edward Fitzgerald. English majors may note that the rhyme scheme required the use of the archaic, irregular past tense of “to tweet,” to wit: “twit.”