November 1, Violence

November 1, Violence


As violence erupts from Donald’s base,

The twitterverse gets busy crafting lies.

Republicans in office will not face

That they may cause democracy’s demise.


If Trumpist jerks attack a Jew or Black,

That’s OK, (right religion and right race.)

Trump’s politicians stick with his wolf pack;

Is there some opposition?  Not a trace.


Trump knows what he has caused; does he approve

That Paul Pelosi had his skull bashed in?

Trump has to know that some screwballs will prove

They like to kill and will try it again.


All those who worship Trump’s insanity

Resent Pelosi for effectiveness.

They want obeisance and inanity

And Mitch and Kevin’s frank obstructiveness.


Election lost, denied by Trump’s Big Lie,

Then some deniers turn to violence,

The violence on which they now rely—

Is pestilential from Trump’s fraudulence.


Pelosi, hated for her competence,

Her husband nearly killed by Trumpist nut,

Reveals the state of Donald’s impotence,

Repeating lies of tweeted scuttlebutt.


The violence we’ve seen since Donald lost,

The Capitol and now hammer attacks,

Show all America the grievous cost,

Paid when democracy jumps off the tracks.


As violence erupts from Donald’s base,

To make their Savior our first autocrat,

Democracy is in freefall from grace,

A fall that Trump, with chilling ease, begat.