October 29, Elon Bought Twitter

October 29, Elon Bought Twitter


Now Elon Musk, the “Chief Twit,” just bought Twitter yesterday,

If he lets Trump back in, could Elon tell Trump what to say?

He could let Donald Trump rave on as Trump is wont to do,

But now whatever Donald tweets reflects on Elon too.


And then, of course, there’s Kanye West, who first was known for rap.

He’s dropped the “Kan;” now known as “Ye,” he says outrageous crap.

Can Musk tell Ye what he can say?  Nobody has, so far.

Like Trump, Ye is a narcissist; he has to be the star.


With Tesla’s earthly transportation, Spacex out in space,

And Twitter information, Elon covered one more base.

He’ll help with where we’re going, when we get there, what we think;

When he walked into Twitter, Elon brought the kitchen sink.


With Walmart for cheap shopping, Amazon deliveries,

Our world is run by billionaires; both here and overseas.

The Donald wants to cash in but he isn’t in their league.

And Putin wants to get in too, by launching his blitzkrieg.


With politicians fawning, giving tax breaks to the rich,

It looks like they are up for sale but that’s a minor glitch.

They want to stay in “power” but if Musk says what to sing, (1)

Can they say they’re in power or a puppet on a string?


Is Elon Musk, as Chief Twit, now consolidating power?

Does that leave would-be billionaires a taste that’s lemon sour?

Though Trump, the schlump still wants to play and run his usual bluff,

He can’t afford the buy in; the kids’ table’s tough enough.


  • Or any other super-rich donor.