October 27, Karma

October 27, Karma


Trump signed a document he knew was false. (1)

Of course, that’s not unusual for him.

Just one of many of the Donald’s faults.

For the word, “lie,” “Trump” is a synonym.


Trump’s lawyers told him that he shouldn’t sign.

But documents show he did anyway.

For Merrick Garland, this is a gold mine.

The nugget that just might put Trump away.


So now, indictments, and the civil suits

May put Trump’s ass in jail and leave him broke.

It’s all because of Trump’s lifelong pursuits,

A frog in warming water: he may croak.


Now finally, Trump’s life as chronic liar

May turn him into fuel for Satan’s fire.


  • Trump signed a document stating that he had turned over all documents that he had taken to Mar a Lago, in violation of the Presidential Records Act