October 26, Walker, Georgia Diddler

October 26, Walker, Georgia Diddler


It looks like Herschel Walker was caught diddling again.

One more abortion has been charged, facts niggling again.

That doesn’t seem too “pro-life,” what we’ve heard the man profess—

Perhaps just for convenience—an educated guess.


All those who study hard in college, tend to graduate.

It seems all Herschel Walker did: play ball and fornicate.

We haven’t seen his transcripts nor his grades in any course

But we might guess, “A+” in one: the Sexual Inter Course.


Since Herschel didn’t graduate, could his failure be traced

To his excessive effort in the class we think he aced?

His mentor Trump’s no scholar (although that’s not what he said,)

Do you think Trump or Walker got a better grade in bed?


So, Herschel Walker’s preparation for his Senate run

Was running with a football and then chasing girls for fun.

Republicans don’t seem to care if that’s not all he’s done.

For Herschel also threatened to shoot his wife with a gun.


Though Walker might have earned some “Ds” in college, we suspect

He does not have a “D” now; (we don’t know if he’s erect.)

The Donald dragged such baggage to the White House in ‘sixteen,

Can Walker drag it with him?  That’s remaining to be seen.


So Herschel Walker, halfback and abortion financier,

Is running for the Senate; his hypocrisy quite clear.

There’s nothing in his history that says he’s qualified.

The letter grade that count’s is “R.”  The right is satisfied.