May 25, Putin’s Shit List (1)

Did you make Putin’s shit list of the Donald’s enemies?
And, if you didn’t, are you thinking, “Would you add me please?”
Barack Obama made the list, Jack Smith, Letitia James,
But, as you might have guessed by now, there are no Fox News names.

Though Rachel Maddow made it, Tucker Carlson was left out.
Seth Myers, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel leave no doubt
You can’t make fun of Donald or Vlad Putin will be pissed.
Do other late night humorists now feel that they’ve been “dissed?”

There are a few Republicans: Ohio’s J. D. Vance
And Sarah Sanders (Arkansas) is viewed by Vlad askance.
But all the rest are Democrats and others of like mind,
All those not nice to Donald, should expect to be maligned.

If you were critical when Vladimir attacked Ukraine,
Supporting all the aid we send to stop his foul campaign,
Then you can’t visit Russia and enjoy all their delights,
Surveillance by the FSB as you enjoy the sights.

Is it a badge of honor to be in Vlad’s sanctioned group?
And, if you’re not included, does that mean you’re Donald’s dupe?
Are you birds of a feather with Fox News or OAN?
And, as Trump keeps on lying, will your ilk rave on, “Amen!?”

Excluded, you’re left out when Tucker Carlson leads a tour.
You won’t see Putin’s Black Sea house; he’ll send you no brochure.
You cannot tour with Margie Greene, McCarthy, and the rest.
That is the price you’ll pay if not among the Putin blessed.

Feel free to look up names and abbreviations with which you are unfamiliar.