Histology Class Complaint

In a lecture on male reproduction,
On anatomy, not on seduction,
The professor used terms
As offensive as germs.
Such words threaten our moral destruction.

A complaint of Floridian genus:
(Please recall Botticelli’s nude, “Venus,”)
Contemplating the male,
One poor student turned pale,
When the lecturer used the word, “penis.”

In describing such paraphernalia,
Both the male and female genitalia,
We must use the right word.
What else would be preferred?
Use a slang term or bleeped pseudolalia?

Further lectures made more apprehensive.
To some students, more words were offensive.
Some professors used, “male,”
In contrast to “female,”
To non-binaries, non-comprehensive.

The discussion turned ancient and scribal
When believers referred to the Bible.
Words in Genesis say,
“Male, Female,” (the sixth day,) (1)
Then non-binary students charged, “Libel!”

Standard words that refer to two genders,
Doctors use and remain their defenders.
If these two light a fuse,
We can just blame the Jews
For the Torah and concepts it hinders.

(1) Genesis 1:27