May 31, Black, White, or Gray?

Is the cosmos drawn in black and white or are there shades of gray?
Are there several ways to look at things or only just one way?
Did life evolve through eons or did God say, “Let there be?’
Are there predestined hierarchies set for you and me?

Should we prefer the guiding hand of firm autocracy
Or rather the rambunctious roiling of democracy?
Are some, by birth and wealth predestined to rise up to rule?
Do some rise in democracies because of folks they fool?

Is Calvinist predestination painted black or white?
Are standards absolute when we determine wrong and right?
Are some of us by fate condemned to be inferior,
All damned by accident of birth to feed a predator?

Conservatives and liberals observe the passing scene
But then they process differently the picture they have seen.
Conservatives think they are viewing God’s divine designs;
They see a heritage containing clear dividing lines.
But liberals don’t see such lines, but the necessity
To right some wrongs society once clothed in sanctity.
Is this the right-left difference: the status quo remains
Or the unfranchised rising up and throwing off their chains?

Conservatives think there are lines that liberals just don’t see.
Or, if they do, they don’t accept them as our legacy.
Should race and gender statuses remain unchanged today?
Or recognize that changing things is Mother Nature’s way?