June 2, Donald Trump’s Hemorrhoids

Have Donald’s own words caused his hemorrhoid itch?
Might Donald’s big mouth now land him in jail?
To win back his job and try to stay rich,
Will Donald’s loose lips insure he will fail?

Do Donald’s own words make his hemorrhoids burn
And make him consult a proctologist?
Has Donald’s big mouth made his innards churn
So that he requires an endoscopist?

Did Donald’s own words make his hemorrhoids bleed
As Jack Smith inserts his colonoscope? (1)
As Donald attacks Smith with his tweet screed,
He will hang himself; give him enough rope.

From Donald’s own words—we’ve got him on tape—
Admitting his crimes; how can he escape?

(1) Jack Smith is the Special Prosecutor selected by Attorney General, Merrick Garland to investigate and prosecute Trump for his misdeeds.