June 3, Donald’s Own Words

As Donald keeps talking
And Jack Smith keeps stalking,
We all wonder just when the hunter will fire.
Trump’s words are not hidden;
He leaves clues unbidden,
Tracks easy to follow from feces-filled mire.

The storm not abating,
With Trump lubricating
The justice transmission, Jack Smith in high gear.
Trump cannot keep quiet,
Jack Smith’s steady diet,
Admissions, confessions, who knows what we’ll hear?,

All over the nation,
Trump’s prevarication
Now dominates air waves, Trump on the attack.
And all of the lying
On which he’s relying,
Shows Donald is finally starting to crack.

Trump’s public quotations
Are fecal flotations
Just worshipped by his cult that’s easy to fool.
But sworn testimony,
When perjured baloney,
May lead to indictment, as taught in law school.

With mounting excitement
Of coming indictment,
We wonder when finally Trump will be tried.
Will MAGAs messiah
Become a pariah
Or rise to the pantheon if crucified?